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APPLICATIONS :Milled Flat bar used for Punch mold ,knives ,screw mould , Chinaward mould . Advantage :This series products reduce the production cost and improve efficiency for manufactures

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Milled FLATS
Milled FLATS


Production Hot Rolled/Hot Forged Tool Steel Mould Steel
Type Flat Plate
Grade P20,1.2311,P20HH,718,718H,SKD61,H13,1.2379,SKD61
  D2, 1.2344,NAK80, SKS3, O1,1.2510, SK3,S45C,
Standard JIS, DIN, ASTM, GB
Plate Size thickness:8-800mm  Width: 8-800mm 
Surface Ground or Milled


Tool steel is a type of steel used to make cold dies, hot forging dies, die-casting dies and other dies. Tool steel are the main processing tools for manufacturing parts in industrial sectors such as machinery manufacturing, radio instruments, motors, electrical appliances, etc.

Advantage :

The quality of the tool steel directly affects the quality of the pressure processing technology, the accuracy of the product, the production cost and the production cost. The quality and service life of the mold are mainly affected by the tool material and heat treatment in addition to the reasonable structural design and processing accuracy.

We provide the best quality to meet the requirement of end usage , This series products  reduce  the production cost and improve efficiency   for manufactures

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