Why you choose H13 tool steel?

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There’s always a right tool for the job, and more often than not, it needs the right steel to make that tool. H13 steel is one category of H steel that is used for hot work tooling applications. Its tough body and fatigue resistance make it more suitable for tooling applications than any other tool steel. It can bear rapid cooling for those high operating temperatures, which makes it perfectly useful in plastic molds, die casting, and thermoplastic dies.


The H13 tool steel’s chemical composition is as follows:

Carbon: 0.32-0.45

Chromium: 4.75-5.50

Molybdenum: 1.10-1.75

Manganese: 0.20-0.50

Vanadium: 0.80-1.20

Silicon: 0.80-1.20



While carrying out the operations using H13 steel, the following temperature range is suitable:

1825-1900 °F for hardening

Tempering temperature: 1000–1200 °F


H13 tool steel comes with the following advantages:

It offers high heat resistance.

It has excellent thermal and shock resistance.

It had a strong stability feature.

It is known for its strong and tough color.

It is widely preferred for its better hardness and mechanical properties.


H13 tool steel finds its applications in extrusion and plastic molding. The part involves dies, backers, die-holders, liners and stems as these are copper alloys with rich aluminium and magnesium content. As a plastic modeling tool, it is used in compression of injection molds and transfer molds with an HRC of 50-52. H13 Is an outstanding die steel for die casting and also employed successfully for slides and cores in tool assemblies.

 Other applications include:

·Ejector pins for injection mold

·Inserts and core pins for injection mold

·Cavities for Casting Dies

·Forging and Extrusion Dies

·Plastic Mold Cavities


·Shrunk rings (cemented carbide dies)

·Wear-resisting parts

·Shot sleeves for Die Casting

·Trimming dies

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Post time: May-26-2022